"On Spartakovskaya" Center
The Center takes up 1.5 ha and has three convenient approaches from the opposite sides of the complex: one - from Baumanskaya Street and two - from Spartakovskaya Square.

On the territory of the complex there are guarded parking lots for 200 cars.

The "On Spartakovskaya" Сenter" comprises several solid buildings of 15,000 sq. m. total area that were constructed mainly in the late 70s - early 80s. Their recent major renovation, re-planning and reconstruction with the replacement of all utility lines allow the center to house top-class offices, retail shops, restaurants and a fitness club.

The Center's buildings are equipped with modern fully automatic heating, ventilation, conditioning and security systems.

The modern gas-powered boiling house provides the Center with uninterrupted heat and hot-water supply.

[Floor plans of the buildings]

The "On Spartakovskaya" Сenter" project is developed by ARZ-6, AO. General management of the project is provide by the investment company "Vash Finansovy Popechitel"
Taxation Consultants:
Architects: O.K. Gubarevich Honoured Architect of Russia, K.O. Gubarevich, V.V. Boyko, O.Yu. Orekhova, E.B. Stanulevich.


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