"On Spartakovskaya" Center
Exhibition "Central Administrative District - achievements and prospects of future development”
The end of October was marked by an exhibition "Central Administrative District - achievements and prospects of future development". The exhibition was held in "Rosstroiekspo" center on Frunzenskaya Naberezhnaya. The organizer was Prefecture of the Central Administrative District. All who care about Moscow's architectural design had a possibility (which was absolutely free) to see changes that had taken place in Moscow over the past 10 years. Moreover, visitors of the exhibition could see how Moscow would look in 2010.

Ordinary visitors of the exhibition and official delegation headed by the First Deputy Mayor in Moscow's government, Mr. V.I.Resin, Chief Architect of the City of Moscow, Mr. A.V. Kuzmin, Prefect of the C.A.D., Mr.G.V. Degtev, were attracted by a stand of JSC "ARZ-6". The stand was awarded a Diploma for the best presentation of an investment project. The stand made a part of "Basmanny" district's exposition. JSC "ARZ-6" is an example of a successful project of moving industrial production away from the city center and transformation of a loss-making plant into a profitable enterprise.

The former vehicle maintenance plant ARZ-6 is located in "Basmanny" district. "Basmanny" is one of the oldest city's districts, which is also densely populated. A company developer, "Vash Finansovy Popechitel-Moskva", worked out and performed a project on construction of a business center on the site of the former plant. The "On Spartakovskaya" project envisaging transformation of deserted plant's buildings and premises into a modern business center was realized without financial aide from the city's authorities. Design of this modern business center creates favourable environment for work and leisure. Office premises of the center correspond to class A in the offices' classification. The "On Spartakovskaya" business center can offer digital telephone lines, high speed Internet access, convenient parking and a wide range of concomitant services. The center consists of several buildings. In one of them there is a restaurant with cozy interior and delicious cuisine. Roof of another building has been used to construct a V.I.P. sports club. The club "Courts" has tennis courts (the site is multifunctional), fitness room, sauna and solarium.

The fairy-tale like transformation of old Moscow plants will be continued in the nearest future. Moscow government has adopted a program on creation of leisure facilities centers in all city districts. Construction of a Family Sports and Leisure Facilities Center "Emerald City" planned for this year is in line with the program. The center will attract people of different ages, children and their parents. The center will have place for roller skating, bowling, ballroom dancing. The center will be zested with fabulous atmosphere created by presence of real Scarecrow, Tin Man, Dorothy and other characters from the book "The Wizard of OZ". At the entrance each visitor will receive glasses with green spectacles. The feeling that one is in a fairyland will remain during the whole visit. It is also planned to open several small restaurants in the center.

Apart from various sorts of entertainment, an educational program will be offered for children. The "Tale-tellers School" will arrange meetings with contemporary children writers, poets and artists. The hall for ballroom dancing will be used not only for training, but also for high level dancing competitions between different age groups. It has been estimated that the center will have about 1 million visitors a year.

On the 15th June 2000 the Mayor of Moscow, Y.M. Luzhkov, personally laid a capsule - "message for future generations", into the foundation of the "Emerald City". All those who were present during the event regarded Mr.Luzhukov's action as a symbolic "green light" for the project. However, bureaucratic barriers slow down works' schedule, though developers of the project have a well-merited reputation for their work experience. Developers would like the project to be completed as soon as possible. The soonest completion is also in the interests of capital's residents and visitors. Good old fairy tales brought to live in the center of Moscow have been long expected.

The "On Spartakovskaya" center project is developed by ARZ-6, AO. General management of the project is provide by the investment company "Vash Finansovy Popechitel"
Taxation Consultants:
Architects: O.K. Gubarevich Honoured Architect of Russia, K.O. Gubarevich, V.V. Boyko, O.Yu. Orekhova, E.B. Stanulevich.


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