"On Spartakovskaya" Center
The "On Spartakovskaya" center offers its tenants a sport club located on the attic floor of building 6. The club features: two tennis courts and a multipurpose pitch for basketball, volleyball, mini football and handball. The club also has a "professional sport shop".
Tennis court
Business center "On Sparatakovskaya"
4th floor, entrance 5, 16 str. 6, Spartakovskaya Square
near Baumanskaya metro station
Starting from June 15, 2000 our Sports Club offers its members the following services available from 7 am to 12 pm
  • Two big tennis courts with a modern "Regupol" all-season surface. In the summer season (May-September) the courts are the outdoor ones and are fenced by a net; in the winter season (October-April) they are converted into ventilated and air-conditioned indoor facilities with the help of a 11 meter-high inflatable warm cover.
  • One of the courts may be used as a multipurpose sport ground for playing volleyball, basketball, mini-football, handball.
  • Eight tables for table tennis, located on the multipurpose sport ground.
  • A fitness center
  • sauna
  • The Sports Club has a cafe, a cloak-room with a shower, a sport shop, check-rooms
  • Golf

The club members can benefit from services of experienced coaches and sparring-partners. Top-class tennis ball machines.
The number of the members is limited (200 people maximum)!

Prices (in US$, payable in Rubles)
Subscription to club membership/playing arrangementsAnnual subscriptionSemi-annual subscriptionQuarterly subscription
1 hour per week
950575300 (summer/)
375 (winter/)
2 hour per week
18501100570 (summer/)
720 (winter/)
Tennis (without preliminary booking and prepayment) 175 + 12 - 26
per hour
Tennis (for club members) - 26 USD per hour in the winter and 12 USD per hour in the summer
Volleyball, basketball, mini football, handball, table tennis respective subscription fees are increased by 50%;
Rent for club members: 39 USD per hour in the winter and 18 USD per hour in the summer
Time7.00 - 9.00a.m.
11.00 - 12.00pm
10.00 - 11.00p.m.
06.00 - 10.00p.m.
Discounts (-)
surcharges (+)
- 30%0 %0% on weekend
+50% on working days
Club membership with the prepaid playing time enables the club members to book convenient time for many months ahead, while the members who do not pay for their playing time in advance can book only the left out time not earlier than 6 days ahead.

Any club member can invite free of charge only one guest to the tennis court or the multipurpose sport ground; every additional guest (excluding children under 14) has to pay $10.

For further information on the club membership please contact the Sports Club Managers.
Tel. 788-6045
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The "On Spartakovskaya" center project is developed by ARZ-6, AO. General management of the project is provide by the investment company "Vash Finansovy Popechitel"
Taxation Consultants:
Architects: O.K. Gubarevich Honoured Architect of Russia, K.O. Gubarevich, V.V. Boyko, O.Yu. Orekhova, E.B. Stanulevich.


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