"On Spartakovskaya" Center
Many premises in the "On Spartakovskaya" Сenter" are polyfunctional: tenants can use them not only for offices but also for trading and exhibition halls. The "On Spartakovskaya" center can offer retail trading halls of up to 2000 sq. m.
Being located at the "third ring", the trading center is a perfect site for a tenant to set up a car or furniture showroom or an exhibition hall.
The "On Spartakovskaya" Сenter" can offer its tenants up to 3,000 sq. m storage space. The integrated character of the Center (the combination of offices, trading premises and storerooms) will help all tenants to reap high profits.

For references about renting of trading and exhibition halls please contact the center's Administration at 16 Spartakovskaya Square, Bld. 6, entrance 5, Tel. +7 (095) 788-6000.

Restaurant 'Venetsia'
The interior of the new restaurant is designed in the classic Venetian style recreated by a group of Italian architects and interior designers. Thanks to their techniques every detail, whether it is a fireplace or a wall fountain, ornaments or wall paintings, reproduces the atmosphere of this distinguished city. At the same time, the real "queen" of two Venetsia's compact rooms is certainly the traditional Italian cuisine.

Venetsia's menu offers 18 hors-d'oeuvres, 20 types of pastas, soups, various meet and fish courses, fine desserts including classic Tiramisu with Mascarpone cheese and delicate Tartufi with blackberries.

The Chef of the restaurant Pino di Palma is from Sicily. Thus, the restaurant offers a wide range of Sicilian dishes. For instance, Risotto"Etna" with Cuttlefish Black Ink. The "Maestro" creates his "masterpieces"of cookery only of Italian products. He especially likes to cook pasta and dishes with lemon dressing. Among hors-d'oeuvres (starters) the Chef recommends Stuffed Carpaccio, among seafood dishes - Mediterranean fish Spigola with strawberry dressing. The best choice during hot summer days is Fusilli with refreshing sauce Pesto. 'Venetsia' also offers Foie Gras, which is traditionally considered to be a French dish. Italians prefer to cook it on Carpaccio of pickled pineapple with pomegranate. The restaurant's Wine List comprises over 400 selections from Italy, Spain, France and Chile at price from 30 to 2000 USD a bottle. Adel de la Paz, a Spanish sommelier, will help you make your choice.

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The "On Spartakovskaya" Сenter" project is developed by ARZ-6, AO. General management of the project is provide by the investment company "Vash Finansovy Popechitel"
Taxation Consultants:
Architects: O.K. Gubarevich Honoured Architect of Russia, K.O. Gubarevich, V.V. Boyko, O.Yu. Orekhova, E.B. Stanulevich.


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